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Operation Notes When Operating Hydraulic Breaker

Hydraulic breaker is a tool used for excavating and breaking, it’s driving force depends on the pressure of the pump. Hydraulic breaker is often seen in road construction.Please note when operating hydraulic breaker:


a)    Carefully read the instruction of hydraulic breaker to prevent damage to the excavator, and operate them effectively.

b)    Pre-operation inspection should be done to make sure if bolts and connector are looses, and if hydraulic lines leaks.

c)    Do not drilling in very hard rocks.

d)    Do not operate when the piston pin fully extend or shrinking.

e)    Operation should be stopped when the hydraulic hose appears intense vibration ,both the accumulator pressure should be checked.

f)     Prevent interference between the excavator swing arm and hammer chisel

g)    Do not immerge the hammer into water except the chisel.

h)    Do not use hydraulic breaker as a lifting tool.

i)      Don’t operate the hydraulic breaker at the side of Excavator track.

j)      When hydraulic excavator or other construction machinery equipments connect with hydraulic breaker, their hydraulic system operating pressure and flow rate must meet hydraulic breaker’s technical parameters, being attention to zbove ten-point demand allows hydraulic breaker have a longer life.

k)    Particularly , in winter , the engine should be keep running 5-10 minutes to warm up before you can operate the hammer. Warm up shall be in accordance with excavators, loaders operating maintenance instruction, because crushing at low temperatures is easy to damage the spare parts of hammer, such as piston and seals.


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