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Global Mining Machinery Market Trends Well China Ushered Opportunity

The international market  of mining machinery directly affects the domestic market trends, our editor did approximately analysis of the current international market development characteristics of mining machinery, it’s trend is very good  in the global, so the domestic mining machinery industry is facing a very good opportunity, and no doubt a challenge to the domestic mining machinery.

First, we can judge from the development, market scale and competition trend of mining machinery industry: the ability "package of services "is increasingly important ,which include if the enterprises can provide mine design, mine service equipment design, full set of products, equipment operations, project management, etc. If the EPC is provide has become an important standard and factor to measure the strength of a mining machinery enterprise.

It’s some foreign mining machinery enterprise who firstly started  the "package of services ",and in national is Weifang Tianrui Rock Drilling Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd who firstly started “A dragon service”.

Secondly, the world's mining machinery production center and market gradually advancing to China. In 1940-1980, the world's industrialized mature countries have established a fairly complete and mature mining machinery industrial system, and achieved take mining machinery manufacturing as a carrier, transforming to  a service-centric post-industrial, knowledge-based economy in the early 21st century,.

World large mining machinery manufacturing industry has a high degree of concentration, the imbalance in production capacity, many mining machinery enterprises are mostly concentrated in North America, the EU, Australia ,China and other area, Africa, South America accounted for only a total production capacity of 11%.

Forced by the financial crisis and the European debt crisis, world economic growth is slow, so many foreign mining machinery manufacturers, supporting parts suppliers invest and build factories in China, looking for market development. Thus, in 2008-2009, China overtook North America, becoming the world's largest mining machinery sales market. In 2011, Chinese mining machinery market share of global sales reached 41%, a relative  5% increase to 36% in 2010, China's demand in 2012 – 2015 will reach a more than 50% share. This provide d strong support for the domestic mining machinery development .

In addition, the mining machine consumption in developed countries like Europe, the United States still have room for growth, Africa and other poor countries have greater market potential.

In recent years, the market of developed regions like the European Union, North America is fairly mature, mining machinery demands reached more than 10% growth rate per year, and the customer's payment ability and timeliness make these mining machinery companies obtain a relatively high returns in development.

With the gradually exploration of mineral resources in Africa and other relatively backward area, mining machinery comes with great potential in Africa market. Some project of ore mining in Europe, the United States and other developed countries and Africa, which deposit on the ground or underground, will also make mining machinery sales keep steady growth.