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FJ25 disc-type drilling frame

FJ25 disc-type drilling frame

Product Introduction

FJ25 disc-type drilling frame is powered by compressed air and works with YGZ90 rail-type independent rotary drill to drill middle and deep hole. The applicable tunnel section is from 2.2 m * 2.2 m to 3 m * 3 m, the drilling diameter is Φ 50-80 mm. It is mainly used for underground stope, drilling upward, fan-shaped, or ring-shaped deep holes. It can also be used to support underground roadway bolting, and drill similar holes in other rock works.

Product Features

FJ25 has simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, and easy portability, etc. The control console are separated from the drill frame, with only hoses connected to work systems, so that the operator can work in a distance from the rock drill to keep his safety.

Product parameters