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YT29A Air-leg Rock Drill

YT29A Air-leg Rock Drill

Product Introduction

YT29A Air-leg Rock Drill is a product with the advantages of high speed, low failure rate, durable wearing parts, low noise, and energy saving. It is the indispensable tools in railway and highway construction, metallurgy works, coal mining, tunneling and water conservancy construction.

Scope of Application

1. YT29A is suitable for drilling horizontal or tiptilted blasthole in solid hard rocks as well as vertical bolt holes on the roof. The diameter of blast holes is usually 35-45mm, and the effective depth of the hole can reach to 5 meters..

2. YT29A can be used with the FT160A or FT160C long air leg, or the FT160B short air leg according to the tunnel space. The metal mines can adopt FT170 air leg.

3. YT29A also can be installed on drill rig or drill frame to drill rocks with or without water.

Product parameters