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YT23 Air-leg Rock Drill

YT23 Air-leg Rock Drill

Product Introduction

YT23 Air-leg Rock Drill is one of the modern rock drilling machinery, adopting many technologies, such as the combination of pneumatics and water, rapid telescopic air leg, pressure regulation and so on. The controller is concentrated on one handle for easier operation; in addition, the collateral quieter can optionally change the exhaust direction, lower the noise and improve the working condition. Practices have proven that our YT23 Air-leg Rock Drill is with the advantages of light weight, reliability, durable wearing parts, easy maintenance etc. It is an efficient, energy saving and environmental rock drilling equipment that is quite popular to users.

Scope of Application

YT23 Air-leg Rock Drill is an efficient rock drilling equipment that is mainly used in coal mining and roadway drivage, and also an indispensable tool in railway works, water conservancy construction and earthwork.

YT23 has a wide application scope, that it can be used to drill horizontal or tiptilted blastholes on medium and hard stone, as well as vertical bolt holes on the roof. The diameter of blast holes is usually 34-42mm, and the effective depth of the hole can reach to 5 meters.

 YT23 is suitable with FY200B lubricator and FT160A(or FT160B, FT160C, FT170) air leg, or just on the drill rig.

Product parameters