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  • Introduction to rock drill high air pressure down the hole drill bit (bit)

    In the high wind pressure DTH rock drilling project, in order to achieve the purpose of * * fast rock drilling, it is necessary to select high-quality * * DTH bits, that is to say......

    Time:2016-8-4    Clicks:1072
  • The breaking hammer hasn't broken for three years. Just rely on this move!

    All personnel engaged in the excavator industry are familiar with crushing hammers, not only because the wages of crushing operations are higher, but also because the risk and difficulty coefficient of crushing operations are higher than those of ordinary operations. For the driver, the three points of selecting, striking and maintaining the hammer are the basic skills. However, in actual operation, the hammer is often broken and the maintenance takes a long time......

    Time:2019-6-14    Clicks:1053
  • Common problems, cause analysis and treatment methods of excavator crusher hammer?

    1、 The hammer has no strength? The cause is nonstandard operation. When the crushing hammer is empty, the piston transmits the impact force to the steel drill rod, and the steel drill rod transfers the impact force to the steel drill pin. The steel drill pin is easy to break when it bears a strong impact force. When the steel drill pin is impacted, the impact force will be distributed back and forth to the steel drill pin cross pin. At this time, the steel drill pin will top the inner hole of the steel drill pin......

    Time:2019-7-13    Clicks:966
  • [technical dry goods] rock drill maintenance and common fault treatment

    This paper mainly describes the maintenance and operation of the rock drill, the problems that should be paid attention to, the common faults of the rock drill and their treatment methods, the disassembly and assembly of the rock drill and other technical problems......

    Time:2019-6-4    Clicks:1036
  • Hydraulic breaking hammer, can you operate it correctly?

    Hydraulic crusher is widely used in the industry. Correct operation will help the rapid progress of crushing work. When the operation is insufficient, the striking force will not be fully exerted......

    Time:2019-6-9    Clicks:972
  • Under what conditions does the hammer drill rod work?

    In the impact chisel system with joints, the drill tail, drill rod (Group) and drill head are connected into a drill tool group through GS or MF joints to transmit the impact energy and torque of the rock drill.......

    Time:2018-11-7    Clicks:948
  • How to select and use the breaker contactor?

    How to choose and use the hydraulic hammer drill rod / hammer contactor? Today, we will follow the Xiaobian of Hanqiao machinery to briefly understand the relevant contents.......

    Time:2018-11-7    Clicks:924
  • Advantages and cost performance analysis of high frequency crusher

    The high-frequency crusher developed and produced by Tianrui heavy industry is installed at the front end of the excavator. It is a physical crushing equipment integrating machinery, hydraulic pressure and mechanics. It has the characteristics of high construction efficiency, low loss, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection. This product is mainly used to break sandstone, weathered rock, part of limestone and rock with karst landform structure whose hardness is lower than F8. The breaking efficiency is higher than that of the breaking hammer......

    Time:2019-6-24    Clicks:968
  • Is impeller the key to the working efficiency of Maglev blower?

    Is impeller the key to the working efficiency of Maglev blower? For a maglev blower, the impeller is also a very important component. It also provides an efficient working environment for the blower. The size, shape, performance, quality and other factors of the impeller will have a very direct impact on the quality, performance and service life of the maglev blower......

    Time:2018-11-17    Clicks:821
  • The function of magnetic levitation blower in sewage treatment

    Magnetic suspension blower, also known as magnetic suspension single-stage high-speed centrifugal blower, is mainly used to aerate the water to improve the oxygen content in the water, so as to remove iron, manganese or promote the degradation of organic matter by aerobic microorganisms, so as to remove the substances that can be oxidized and precipitated. In addition, aeration can make the water and air fully contact to exchange gaseous substances to remove volatile substances in the water, such as water......

    Time:2018-11-7    Clicks:817
  • What is maglev blower? What are its advantages

    What is magnetic levitation blower and what are its advantages? 1. What is magnetic levitation blower? Magnetic levitation blower is a kind of turbine equipment using magnetic levitation bearing. Its structure is that the blower impeller is directly installed on the extension end of the click shaft, and the rotor is vertically suspended on the active magnetic bearing controller. Direct drive by high-speed motor can be realized without speed reducer and coupling......

    Time:2018-11-27    Clicks:833
  • Uncover the internal structure and type comparison of high-tech maglev blower

    As a single equipment often used in sewage treatment, the fan can be said to be a big fan. In the market, there are many kinds of fans, including magnetic suspension blower, air suspension blower, roots blower, centrifugal blower, etc. What's the difference between so many fans? On the project, how to apply the appropriate Z? Next, Tianrui heavy industry will bring you magnetic levitation high-end technical equipment and blower......

    Time:2019-6-15    Clicks:823
  • Popular science: Maglev from bearings, motors to compressors

    Shanghai Maglev special line is the world's first maglev commercial line jointly developed by China and Germany. The first shovel was dug in Pudong on March 1, 2001, and the whole line was put into trial operation on December 31, 2002. The commercial operation was officially started on January 4, 2003. It has been 15 years since then.......

    Time:2018-11-7    Clicks:784
  • Technical analysis of magnetic suspension blower bearing

    With the integration of electronic components and the development of control theory and rotor dynamics, great progress has been made in the research of Maglev blower shaft technology at home and abroad. However, whether in theory or in the process of commercialization, this technology has many problems......

    Time:2019-5-24    Clicks:834
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