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Applicable industries of magnetic suspension blower

Time:2019-6-28    Clicks:900

After 6 years of R & D and market promotion, the maglev blower of Shandong Tianrui heavy industry can be rapidly applied in urban sewage treatment, textile, printing and dyeing, leather, papermaking, pharmaceutical, electronics, food and beverage, brewing and fermentation, chemical plating, iron and steel metallurgy, cement building materials, thermal power generation and other industries, and has been highly recognized by users.


As an aeration fan, it can meet the aeration needs of various domestic sewage and industrial wastewater treatment plants from thousands to hundreds of thousands of tons.

As an oxidation fan, it can meet the desulfurization needs of various thermal power plants.

It can also meet the needs of blowing and air supply of various industrial production lines.


It can be applied to biochemical pharmacy, printing and dyeing textile, leather tanning, paper pulp, brewing and fermentation, food and beverage, electronic crystal plate, float glass, iron and steel metallurgy, coal coking chemical industry, electroplating metallurgy, cement building materials, municipal sewage, thermal power generation, etc.

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