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Leaders visit Tianrui heavy industry

Time:2019-2-22    Clicks:758

On February 22, Liu Taifu, the newly appointed deputy director of the Organization Department of Weifang Municipal Party committee, visited Tianrui heavy industry for the first time. Xin Chong, deputy director of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Lu Jianwei, director of the talent Office of the Organization Department of the municipal Party committee, Jia Yanqing, member of the Party Working Committee and director of the Organization Department of the high tech Zone, Shi Bingxin, deputy director of the science and Technology Bureau of the high tech Zone, and other leaders participated in the investigation.


Accompanied by Li Yongsheng, chairman of the board of directors of the company, Mr. Liu and his party visited the company's exhibition hall and the research and development of new products. They had a detailed understanding of the company's production and operation, double recruitment and double introduction, and the construction of the magnetic levitation industry technology research Institute. They also had a discussion and exchange, and fully understood the needs of the enterprise.

Minister Liu spoke highly of the company's achievements in "double recruitment and double introduction", especially in the construction of talent team, fully affirmed the necessity of the construction of the magnetic levitation Industry Technology Research Institute, and expressed the hope that the company would make further efforts to make the magnetic levitation industry bigger and stronger, and make greater contributions to the transformation of Weifang's new and old kinetic energy.


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