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Carry Forward the Past and Create a New Brilliance Shandong Tianrui Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Held the 2021 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference

Time:2022-1-30    Clicks:692

Time flies. Time flies. Say goodbye to the unforgettable year 2021 and usher in the year 2022 full of dreams and expectations. In the afternoon of January 28, the 2021 annual summary and commendation meeting of Tianrui Heavy Industry was held in Tianrui Maglev Industrial Park, attended by the company's leading group members, some employee representatives and Weifang Maglev leaders, and presided over by Zhang Jieyu, Deputy General Manager.

The conference broadcast Ten Highlights of Tianrui Heavy Industry in 2021, reviewing the brilliant achievements made in the past year. Ma Zhongping, director of Weifang Maglev Special Class, and Zheng Tiemin, chief economist of Tianrui Heavy Industry, delivered a speech, expressing warm congratulations on the achievements of Tianrui Maglev Industry in the past year, and wishing Tianrui Heavy Industry to make another great achievement in the new year.

At the meeting, Chen Ru, the executive vice president of the company, read out the Decision on Commending Advanced Units and Individuals in 2021 and the List of Winners of Tianrui Heavy Industry Sports Festival. Later, the leaders of the company issued certificates and bonuses to the advanced team representatives and advanced individuals who have won such honorary titles as Brave Innovation Team, Outstanding Contribution Award, Excellent Manager, Excellent Employees, Sales Expert, Technical Expert, and Excellent Communist Party Member. The representatives of outstanding employees shared the course of struggle and achievements over the past year, and spoke enthusiastically to urge people to make progress.

After Z, Li Yongsheng, the chairman of the company, delivered a speech, warmly congratulating the outstanding models that were praised, and expressing heartfelt thanks to all the staff who fought in the front line and the leaders of Weifang Maglev Special Class. Chairman Li Yongsheng summarized and reviewed the achievements in 2021, fully affirmed everyone's hard work and fruitful achievements in the past year, deployed and arranged the key work in 2022, and hoped that all employees would work together to forge ahead and achieve greater success in the new year!

The tide rises, the sea and the sky are wide, and the sail is just in time. The year 2021 has passed with your sincere blessing, and the year 2022, full of expectations, has begun. I hope all employees seize the opportunity, meet new challenges, and promote the rapid development of the company with a high sense of responsibility and mission!


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