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Maglev series products help energy saving and emission reduction (Innovation story)

Time:2022-8-11    Clicks:968

"These six new machines not only have low noise, but also save energy." In the chlorinated polyethylene workshop of Shandong Weifang Yaxing new materials Co., Ltd., technician Tan Hang pointed to the six magnetic levitation blowers that were running quietly and said that compared with the original roots blower, the noise of the magnetic levitation blower was reduced to less than 80 dB, saving more than 3000 kwh per day.

"In one year, we can save more than 1.4 million yuan in electricity bills." Tan Hang said, "thanks to Lao Li!"


He said "Lao Li" was Li Yongsheng, chairman of Shandong Tianrui Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tianrui heavy industry") located in Weifang High tech Zone. After graduating from university in 1983, Li Yongsheng has been engaged in the technical development of rock drilling machinery and is a well-known expert in this field. In 2008, he founded Tianrui heavy industry. Relying on excellent technology and products, Tianrui heavy industry soon became a leader in the rock drilling machinery industry and won the single item * * of manufacturing industry of the Ministry of industry and information technology.

In 2014, when the company's rock drilling machinery was in short supply, Li Yongsheng, who was highly sensitive to the domestic and foreign market demand and the technological frontier, decided to enter the maglev power equipment. His reason is that the market for rock drills is so large that enterprises must open up new fields if they want to become bigger and stronger. "The rising maglev technology is a subversive technology. It is characterized by no contact friction and no energy loss, and can realize high-speed operation. Maglev power equipment will certainly change the pattern of power equipment industry in the future and provide scientific and technological support for national energy conservation and carbon reduction." Li Yongsheng said.

At that time, the domestic magnetic levitation technology was still at the research and development stage, and most of the equipment depended on imports. Li Yongsheng had many difficulties in developing magnetic levitation power equipment. He adopted the method of "using the old to support the new", and invested all the profits of the rock drill into the research and development of magnetic levitation technology. Li Yongsheng led the technical team to cooperate with domestic and foreign institutions and devote themselves to tackling key problems day and night.

"Every step is very difficult. It took us more than a year to select materials." Zhang Baoyan, director of the fourth Technology Office of Tianrui heavy industry, introduced that as the core component of the magnetic levitation motor, the magnetic levitation bearing can only meet the requirements with suitable permanent magnet materials. "We first screened from five categories of permanent magnet materials, and then tested their magnetic properties at different temperatures and different times. After numerous failures, we selected rare earth permanent magnet materials."

In 2016, the maglev blower independently developed by Tianrui heavy industry was successfully rolled off the line. It uses non-contact and mechanical friction free magnetic bearing and high-speed high-power permanent magnet synchronous motor to directly drive * * fluid impeller, effectively solving the problems of high energy consumption, high noise and low efficiency of traditional blower and air suspension blower. In recent years, Li Yongsheng led the team to make unremitting efforts and successively developed a series of products such as magnetic levitation vacuum pump, magnetic levitation centrifugal water chiller and magnetic levitation low-temperature waste heat generator. Among them, four types of products have been industrialized and widely used in high energy consumption industries such as paper, cement and steel in the country. The average energy saving effect is more than 30%, and has been selected into the national "energy efficiency star" product catalog The national green technology promotion catalogue and Shandong Province's new and old kinetic energy conversion major project library.

With solid scientific and technological strength and excellent market inspection, Tianrui heavy industry has been awarded the "Gazelle enterprise" by the Ministry of science and technology and the national intellectual property demonstration enterprise. Last year, the company was approved to set up the national magnetic levitation power technology working group, becoming the leading unit for the formulation of the national magnetic levitation power technology standards.

The market for magnetic levitation power equipment has opened up, and Li Yongsheng is getting busier and busier. "We are duty bound to achieve the country's' double carbon 'goal." Standing in front of the patent wall on the first floor of the company, he had a sense of urgency in his words, "Weifang High tech Zone and Shandong provincial government attach great importance to the magnetic levitation industry. Our main magnetic levitation intelligent technology projects have been selected as the national special project to enhance the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, and are also the preferred projects for the transformation of new and old kinetic energy in Shandong Province. At present, our orders have been scheduled for next year, but we can not be proud. We must continue to work hard to contribute to the national energy conservation and emission reduction, and on the other hand, we hope to help China's magnetic levitation The industry has reached the international forefront. "

People's daily (August 1, 2022, version 19)

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