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Weifang High tech Zone: Science and technology innovation drive the 100 billion level magnetic levitation industry to take off

Time:2022-8-11    Clicks:1067

In recent years, Weifang has laid out the development of 100 billion level magnetic levitation industry. Weifang High tech Zone, closely focusing on this industrial development direction, supports Tianrui heavy industry to focus on research and development, breaks through a series of key technologies of Maglev card neck, reaches the international and domestic levels, and helps the 100 billion level maglev industry take off.

A few days ago, the Shandong science and technology innovation conference commended the winners of the 2021 Shandong science and technology award. Tianrui heavy industry's "development and application of comprehensive energy-saving system of magnetic levitation centrifugal blower" project won the first prize of technical invention in Shandong Province, which realized the breakthrough of the first prize of technical invention in Shandong Province. Before that, Tianrui heavy industry's patent "a rotor and Magnetic Levitation Motor for magnetic levitation" won the first prize of Shandong Provincial Patent Award, and chairman Li Yongsheng won the Shandong Provincial entrepreneur. Behind the numerous awards and good news, the company has made unremitting efforts in the field of magnetic levitation and magnetic levitation technology for many years.


"Magnetic levitation is a cutting-edge science and technology with multi-disciplinary integration, and its realization is very difficult. We have made great efforts to break through the key technologies of the whole magnetic levitation technology, and solved the key technologies in electromagnetics, fluid mechanics, manufacturing and processing." Said Li Yongsheng, chairman of Shandong Tianrui Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.


After years of hard work by domestic * * experts and hundreds of technical personnel, a series of "stuck neck" technical problems have been solved, and the magnetic levitation power equipment represented by magnetic levitation blower and magnetic levitation vacuum pump developed by the company has reached the international level.

"It can iterate over a series of traditional high energy consuming equipment such as traditional motors, fans, pumps and compressors, saving energy and increasing efficiency. The energy saving is generally more than 30%, and the noise is reduced from more than 120 dB to 80 dB." Li Yongsheng said.

Tackle one * * * * and drive an emerging industry. In recent years, the production and sales of Tianrui heavy industry have increased rapidly, and the national market layout has been completed rapidly. "The market demand for magnetic levitation power equipment can be said to show explosive growth. For example, the orders of our enterprises are doubling every year. At present, some large enterprises have signed strategic cooperation with the enterprises at one time, and the orders are all scheduled to 2025." Li Yongsheng said.

Behind the "praise" and "success" of the market is the continuous innovation of the enterprise. The fund is inclined to R & D, the policy is inclined to technology, and a series of real gold and silver investments have steadily supported the rapid growth of enterprises. The implementation opinions on accelerating the creation of a 100 billion level magnetic levitation Industry issued by Weifang City has formulated 16 measures from the aspects of planning and building an industrial park, improving innovation ability, increasing financial and tax support, and cultivating and introducing high-level talents; Provide service specialists and establish strong special classes for promoting work at the municipal and district levels; The high tech zone builds factories on behalf of enterprises, establishes a "chain length system" promotion mechanism, comprehensively promotes project construction, "double recruitment and double introduction", policy support and other work, widely links universities, financial institutions, talents and other service institutions, realizes local construction chain, replenishment chain and strong chain, and fully promotes the development of the 100 billion level magnetic suspension industry.

"In the past three years, our R & D funds alone have exceeded 100 million yuan. At present, the company has obtained more than 60 invention patents and more than 100 utility model patents. It has leapt from the original second echelon to the leading enterprise in China." Li Yongsheng said.

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