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Product details

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Yyg100tr-0.00 hydraulic rock drill

Yyg100tr-0.00 hydraulic rock drill

Shandong Tianrui Heavy Industry Co., Ltd
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Rock Drill Industrial Park: 6699 Yintong Street, High-tech Zone, Weifang City, Shandong Province



Product introduction

Hydraulic rock drill is a kind of rock drilling equipment powered by high-pressure liquid. It is widely used in tunnel excavation, rock engineering, mining and various rock drilling operations, and is used to drill and blast holes. It is an indispensable construction equipment for railway, highway, metallurgy, coal, water conservancy and hydropower construction and national defense stonework projects.

The traditional hydraulic rock drill uses an independent rotary mechanism to provide the torque of the drill tail. It is necessary to set an independent torque transmission device beside the rock drill, and then use the transmission rod to transmit the torque generated by the hydraulic motor to the head, and then use the gear engagement to transmit it to the drill tail. The weight and volume are huge, the mechanism is complex, the disassembly is difficult, the failure rate is high, and the use cost is high.

The internal rotary hydraulic rock drill produced by our company can effectively reduce the volume of the rock drill by using the rotating sleeve on the piston to transmit torque. Meanwhile, the structure is simpler than the traditional rock drill, and the failure rate is far lower than the traditional hydraulic rock drill.

Product features:

1. The impact piston is a single piston, only the impact piston and no thrust piston.

2. The forward and backward movement of the piston is controlled by the oil distribution valve, which is a sleeve valve, located in the rear chamber of the piston and outside the piston.

3. The hydraulic motor is located at the rear of the machine body and coaxial with the piston.

4. The front part of the piston is normal pressure and the rear part is variable pressure. The stroke during oil inlet and the stroke during oil return.

5. It is designed with an anti empty driving mechanism to prevent damage to the body of the rock drill during the empty driving.

technical parameter


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