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Magnetic levitation turbine vacuum pump

Magnetic levitation turbine vacuum pump

Shandong Tianrui Heavy Industry Co., Ltd
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Product introduction

The magnetic levitation vacuum pump adopts the five degree of freedom full active magnetic levitation technology to realize the non-contact suspension support of the rotor of the permanent magnet high-speed motor. The three-dimensional flow impeller is connected to the rotor of the motor and directly works on the gas through the centrifugal principle to obtain the vacuum, eliminating the mechanical friction damage and the multi speed increase mechanism. The motor speed can reach tens of thousands of RPM without lubrication. It has the advantages of large power density, small volume, light weight, fast response and strong stability. Compared with the water ring vacuum pump, the energy-saving effect is 40% - 50%, no sealing water is required, and the noise is less than 80 dB. In addition, the steam water separation technology is adopted at the front end of the inlet of the vacuum pump to effectively separate the impurities and moisture in the medium, so as to realize the clean and dry of the gas at the inlet of the vacuum pump. At the same time, the three-dimensional flow impeller adopts the special surface material treatment technology, which has the characteristics of abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, and ensures the safe and reliable operation of the vacuum pump under various working conditions. Therefore, magnetic levitation vacuum pump is an energy-saving, green, environmental friendly and intelligent iterative upgrading product, which can be widely used in papermaking, electric power, plastics, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other industries. It is a green energy-saving equipment that promotes the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the conversion of new and old kinetic energy.

Performance characteristics


working principle


With the high-speed rotation of the impeller, the wet air is sucked into the impeller and pressurized at a high speed; After being pressurized by one impeller, the single-stage turbine vacuum pump is discharged from the diffuser and volute; The multi-stage turbine vacuum pump is compressed step by step by multiple impellers to generate a higher vacuum degree. When the air is sucked in at different levels, different vacuum degrees can be generated.

Host structure

Overall structure


Five advantages

Performance comparison

Specification and model


Industry application


Magnetic levitation turbine vacuum pump can be used in many industries

1. Application in pulp and paper production:

Black liquor evaporation, coarse slurry washing machine, lime slurry and filter, sediment filter, vacuum dehydrator, raw material and white water degassing system, slurry mixing box compressor, suction tank, couch roll, suction transfer spoke and transmission system, vacuum press, wool cloth suction tank and blow proof box.

2 Application in petrochemical industry:

Gas recovery, gas recovery, gas boosting, enhanced oil recovery, gas collection, crude oil stabilization, crude oil vacuum distillation, exhaust gas compression, steam recovery / gas boosting, filtration / wax removal, tail gas recovery, polyester production, PVC production, chlorine gas packaging, circulating gas compression, pressure swing adsorption (PSA), liquid chlorine production, acetylene and hydrogen and other flammable and explosive gas compression, tower top vacuum system in crude oil vacuum distillation Vacuum crystallization and drying, vacuum filtration, vacuum transportation of various materials.

3. Application in pharmaceutical industry:

Drying (tray, rotary, turnover, cone and freeze dryer), reprocessing / reactor drying, distillation, degassing, crystallization / vaporization, filling and / or material transfer.

4. Application in power industry:

Condenser vacuumization, vacuum water absorption, flue gas desulfurization, fly ash transportation, turbine sealed pipe exhaust, vacuum exhaust, and discharged geothermal gas.

5. Application in plastic industry:

Degassing of extruder, setting table (profile), EPS foaming, drying, pneumatic conveying device, vinyl chloride gas extraction and compression.

6. Application in environmental protection industry:

Waste water treatment, biogas compression, vacuum water addition, waste water purification / activated sludge tank oxidation, fish pond ventilation, waste gas recovery (biogas), biogas recovery and waste treatment.

7. Application in food and beverage industry:

Salmon cleaning machine, mineral water degassing, salad oil and fat deodorization, tea and seasoning sterilization, sausage and ham production, tobacco products humidification.

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