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Product details

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Magnetic levitation blower

Magnetic levitation blower

Shandong Tianrui Heavy Industry Co., Ltd
Maglev Industrial Park: No. 5201 Yingqian Street, High-tech Zone, Weifang City, Shandong Province
Rock Drill Industrial Park: 6699 Yintong Street, High-tech Zone, Weifang City, Shandong Province



Product introduction:

The maglev blower developed by Tianrui heavy industry is an energy-saving and environmental friendly high-tech product, reaching the international advanced level. Compared with the traditional roots blower, it saves 30% - 40% of power, reduces the noise from 120 dB to below 80 dB, and the designed service life is as long as 20 years. It can reduce the overall cost of the sewage treatment plant by 20%, and saves 2 kwh of power per ton of cement. It is an industry replacement product. It is widely used in sewage treatment, cement production, papermaking, iron and steel, thermoelectric, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, textile and other fields.

working principle


The active magnetic suspension bearing system is the core system of the magnetic suspension blower. The rotor of the motor is fixed between two radial magnetic bearings and two axial magnetic bearings. The position of the rotor is detected by the position sensor, and the position signal is reflected to the main controller in real time. When the rotor is offset, the main controller will adjust the magnetic field force of each degree of freedom of the magnetic bearing according to the offset of the rotor to return the rotor to the correct position.

Performance characteristics


Host structure

Overall structure

Five advantages

Scientific and technological advantages

◇ adopt active magnetic bearing system, no wear, no lubrication and maintenance.

◇ the frequency converter is used to control the speed, and a variety of control modes can be selected.

◇ adopt advanced control system, which can monitor the operation status in real time and can be controlled remotely, without personnel on site. ◇ totally enclosed air cooling system is used to heat the motor to ensure that the fan is in stable operation.

◇ modular design, convenient and fast maintenance.

Environmental protection advantages

◇ maglev blower does not need lubrication, and the air conveyed is clean and pollution-free.

◇ the magnetic bearing is completely friction free, and the blower operates with low noise, which will not affect the surrounding office and living environment.

◇ calculated by 150KW maglev blower, each blower can reduce about 257 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

Advantages of industrial big data platform

◇ remote service based on industrial Internet of things can provide customers with fault warning and online debugging experience throughout the life cycle of equipment. ◇ the unique industrial big data platform provides rich algorithm models to help users improve production links from multiple perspectives.

Energy saving advantages

◇ compared with roots blower, the efficiency of Maglev blower is increased by more than 30%.

◇ take 100kW magnetic levitation blower as an example. Compared with roots blower, each magnetic levitation blower can save more than 300000 kwh of electricity and more than 200000 yuan of electricity.

Low maintenance cost advantage

◇ the magnetic bearing is completely friction free, reducing the probability of product damage, and the service life of the blower can reach more than 20 years. > The magnetic suspension blower is easy to maintain and only needs to replace the filter regularly.

◇ maglev blower does not need lubrication system, which saves the cost of lubricating oil and cleaning.

◇ the motor is driven by direct connection, with small volume, light weight and space saving.

◇ domestic production can ensure the timely supply of spare parts.

Performance comparison

Specification and model


Overall dimensions


Industry application

Municipal sewage and industrial sewage treatment: it is mainly used to aerate the sewage tank, so that the bioactive substances in the sewage treatment tank can fully contact with the substances in the sewage, so as to achieve the purpose of decontamination.

Material gas transportation: cement plant, lime plant, chemical industry, food and other industries: used for pneumatic transportation of industrial raw materials, dust and food raw materials.

Industrial applications: paper mill, brewing industry, textile industry, dairy processing industry, thermoelectric industry, electronic industry, leather industry, electroplating industry, etc.

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